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It was some scary experience driving outside, Sidney. It was like some Hollywood movie...only this time, the effects were real!


Hi Sidney,

How are you? BTW- How are you doing? I hope all is well after Typhoon Milenyon hit Manila but it’s nice to hear from you again and always praying for your safety there…


jude calvert-toulmin

keep up the good work with your photo reportage work, sydney. i will start visiting more regularly, i've been up to my ears with work recently.



Sad news to hear. It's hard to imagine what people have to go through and what they can do when faced with such a situation.


I'll be lookign forward to your shos. It's amazing that it could peel off blocks!

Ashish Sidapara

Hope things get back to normal soon.


Sidney -
to answer your query about the white halo around the geese ... Honestly i got no clue ... I NEVER applied mask , so no chance of the mask slipping [In fact i dont even know to apply masks] ...

I guess it was sharpening ...
The rapid wing motion creates a blur and when I sharpened it ... the color was missing around the wing ... that's the only explanation i can think of.

To add, I by mistake deleted that post ... as I was playing around with templates ...

Your comments are always welcome ... well i dont need to add this ... but still ...


very well described. i'm waiting to see your pictures.honestly, i remembered you when i saw the surroundings after the typhoon. on how you'll capture it with your camera :)


this is one series i've got to see. i was on my way to Shenzhen when the typhoon strike. flights were canceled, and there was no electricity, including the airport.


I remember the comments I got from friends from the Philippines when I told them that we were evacuating to Dallas from Houston to get away from Hurricane Rita..."Why are you running away? If that happens here, we stay, wait and pray..." I hope the government was able to help the victims right away.My prayers!

Dave Mac

Wow...Mother Nature can be mean!


Promise I will come back and read your comments 03:19hrs here and my brain cannot take in any texts :)



Sidney, I hope that all will be well soon over Pinas.

It really was tragic that Milenyo killed so many people just like that.

By the way, I was just wondering, besides taking cover in the homes, how do people take care of their safeties during such scary typhoon?

Noor Hazmee

Goodness me. I pray that all will be well the soonest for you. Take care.


ahh... these natural phenomenas and the increasing Global Warming.


It's going to get worse because of the global warming, they say. Anyhow, more attention should be given to this typhoon in the news so that people get more involved, instead of being occupied with very local electional stuff (there is hardly anything else in the newspapers here the last week)


It's terrible.
What can we do against these typhoons?
I'm feeling powerless to do something. Nature is stronger than people.
I'm sorry Sidney


I dont like typoon, to much dangerous


I should call some friends to see how they are...


How is everyone coping? I'm sending lots of prayers to the Phillipines, and will continue to do so, Sidney!


the story teller, often forboding to match the facts on the ground, is off and running again


Gilligan little buddy it's a typhoon!


I'm wondering what if it packed the category 5 hurricane with 160km per hr at the center like Katrina... Geez pretty scary indeed. But typhoons in RP as not as devastating as the ones in the Carribean I think.

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